Foreigners Buy Florida Real Estate

Foreigners Buy Florida Real Estate

Buyers are recognizing the value in owning verses paying rent, even when it comes to their vacation homes. 

Nearly 40% of my sales this year in Florida have involved Canadian buyers.  Being from Michigan, I have enjoyed working with our Canadian neighbors to help them buy their US snowbird homes in Florida. 

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Bill could help short sale sellers in 2013

While 20 - 25% of the home owners still have upside down mortgages, a recent bill has been proposed that would extend the Mortgage Relief Act until 2015.   The original bill was introduced in 2007 and is slated for expiration at the end of the year.  

Michigan Real Estate Report

A new month reveals that the market continues to improve. Pending sales were up and there continues to be a significant number of sales with multiple offers. It is the best time in the last six years for sellers to test the market: values are up over last year and many sellers will be surprised at how far up the market has moved.

Home Prices Tick up in Michigan

No surprise to "The Pearson Group"   .... The up tick has been happening for months now in certain price points and locations.  Now may be the best time for seller's who have been waiting for a brighter market to make their move.




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Thinking of Buying a Home in Florida?

Florida real estate market starting to turn around

 Inventories are down, lending has loosened 
By Adam McDowell, National Post February 28, 2012

"Realtors are trying to recruit potential buyers with the message that anyone thinking of buying a home in Florida ought to look now, because the bargains won't last forever."

Is Housing more Affordable?

I found this to be a good read since we have been telling folks for the past couple of years that they are far better off to buy now than to pay rent. After reading this article, I still believe that is true......for most people

Trends in Housing Affordability


Real Estate Market - Signs of Improvement


December Market Update from Real Estate One

December showed a bounceback in buyer activity from a slight slowdown in September through the first half of November. Pending sales were up along with showing and website activity.

Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report

Homeowners weighing their options to fix up an existing home or make home improvements to a home recently purchased, may find the Cost vs. Value Reports to be a valuable resource.

Michigan Monthly Real Estate Market Update

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