Clarkston Supply and Demand 2nd Quarter - 2011

Absorption Rate Graphs are completed by "The Pearson Group" for several areas.  We often post these charts for buyers and sellers to view and always provide the charts to each seller at the time a home is being listed.  The Absorption Rate Reports reveal the supply and demand in areas and often reveal a variety of variables that can be helpful to sellers who want to assure their home is competitively priced and it can also help buyers understand if they are dealing with a "Buyers" or "Sellers" market.

Recently Sold in Clarkston

House Sales show slight decline in Clarkston, Michigan

First Time Home Buyer sales has slowed in Clarkston, MI since the expiration of the Tax Credit. Supply and Demand tells all.

Absorption Rate Graph are posted for monthly comparison.   

August, 2010

June, 2010

Clarkston Market Report

House Sales in Clarkston MI Improved

However.........Improved could mean past tense and "The Pearson Group" is in high hopes that this is a very temporary trend that we have just identified.  

June and April Supply and Demand Studies have been posted for comparison.  There was a significant decrease in the inventory and  increased demand that we contributed to the recent tax incentives to buyers.  

Clarkston's Sold Homes

June 15, 2010

Recent Sold Report

Homes that have sold in Clarkston since March, 2010        

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Clarkston Schools, Lake Privileges, and Move-In Condition

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