Today, the average 30-year fixed mortgage rate is above 5%, and in the near term, experts say that’ll likely go up in the months ahead. You have the opportunity to get ahead of that increase if you buy now before that impacts your purchasing power.

Clarkston Ranch home in beautiful Independence Township. Features 3 bedrooms, fenced yard, and  well maintained, Close to shopping, schools, expressways and recreational activity.
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A Home Warranty plan is often offered in a real estate transaction.  The seller may offer it as an incentive, often offered as an option to offer to the buyer by their listing agent.  OR, sometimes a buyer's agent may suggest to a buyer they request a home warranty as a potential propection against added costs for repairs that could likely occur in their buyers first year of home ownership.

We have seen many buyers who reaped the benefit of a Home Warranty while we have seen others have claims denied.
As always, we strive to provide our clients, both buyers and sellers, with accurate information to assure they are able to make informed decisions.
Allow us to share some varying opinions and important information you may want to learn about Home Warranty Policies.



Yes, buying a home can be intimidating or maybe downright scary!  Allow us to help maneuaver you through the maze towards home ownership.

Buyer's need to make sure they are "Good to Go"  when trying to buy a home these days.  It is very common for buyers to come up against multiple offers and we want you to gain the upper edge in these situations by suggesting you work with a lender who assures your assets, employment, and credit score are approved with an underwriter so that we can assure the seller we will only need a satisfactory appraisal and title search to successfully close the transaction.


Millionaire to Millennials: Buy a Home!!

Robin has buyers looking at homes this morning.  After renting for 2 years, they are ready to buy a home.  We all know there can be advantages to renting but buying is the best way to go in the long haul.