List Prices vs. Sales Prices in Clarkston, Lake Orion, and Waterford

I find there are important times for both buyers and sellers to analyse accurate data when making decisions, The Seller has a very important decision when choosing their List Price.  The Buyer has a very important decision when they decide to submit an offer on a home. It's interesting to hear the various comments we have heard over the years as to how people approach buying and selling decisions.  Quite a bit of a person's stratagy is based on experience......we all need accurate information to base our decisions upon.

I have had various levels of training and education in statistics and data collection in automotive and real estate.
I still would not consider myself an expert considering the complexity of Statisitics and variables involved.
I often cringe when I hear a buyer ask, what's the average nowadays in regards to how much to offer below a list price.
What percentage do homes sell on average within the list price?

Remember the game, Yes, NO, Depends.  Well, it depends always.

Included below are only three of several communities or school districts in which we sell real estate.

We are always available to talk about real estate, particularly your home, your community, your street.  There are variables and we will dig to the depths of them.
Look at the charts below.  Notice the various list prices, the sales prices, and the days on the market.
This information is so necessary to be analysed by both buyers and sellers.  
We are paying close attention to this information for our clients ....both buyers and sellers that is. 

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