Lost Lake Woods Club Real Estate Update for December 2018


4292 N. Elder Trail Lincoln Michigan

Visit our Featured Listing page for property details and several photos of the many features.
4292 N. Elder Trail   (click the link to the left)
Enjoy the Video and 360 images below. 

Homes Currently for Sale at Lost Lake Woods Club

  Visit our site often to view the latest homes for sale at Lost Lake Woods Club.  The Pearson Group Listings are featured with a link to more photos and details of each listing.  There is a link at the very bottom of the article to all other broker listings available at Lost Lake Woods Club.  Click "read more" and share with friends and family who want to latest news about what's currently for sale.

While the local licensed associates and Realtors are gearing up in anticipation of a busy season, we have a major dilemma glooming over us.  It’s important members realize the importance of  a“YES” vote for the upcoming Dues Assessment.   Unfortunately, not all of our members own a home in the club, and with less invested, may not see the relationship between supporting our amenities to assure the value of our club, including home values,  remain sound. Without an operating budget to maintain our facilities, grounds, and pay employees, the value overall, including the value of our homes, can be expected to diminish


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